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时间:2016-07-06 15:48来源:国家光热联盟
  不断致力于技术创新,自主研发高性能热电材料及生产工艺,材料的热电优值ZT达到1.81,100℃时材料的热电转换效率为 14%,全自主研发生产的半导体热电转换芯片,适用于汽车领域、商业、工业、国防、太空和光子学领域、生物医学、石油、天然气和采矿、电信(光通讯)等领域,为行业节能减排提供绿色清洁能源,同时给企业带来显著的经济效益。
  Leizig utilizes unique construction techniques to converts small degrees of temperature difference into electrical (DC) power. And the high efficiency of thermoelectric conversion in low temperature field is our company's purpose for product research.
  Our company all the time commits itself to technological innovation and independent research of high performance thermoelectric materials and their process. The thermoelectric figure of merit reaches 1.81, and the thermoelectric conversion efficiency is 14% at 100℃. Our self-developed semiconductor thermoelectric conversion chip is suitable for the field of automobile, business, industry, national defense, aerospace and field, photonics, biomedicine, petroleum, natural gas, mining, telecommunications (optical communications) and so on. They can provide green clean energy for the industry in energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, they can produce remarkable economic benefits.
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